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Joseph & Munich are the Perfect Match

BMW Welt - Munich - Germany

Why Work Abroad? 

I was looking for a new start, a new challenge in my life and had a good feeling about living and working abroad in Munich.

After much consideration, I made the choice to start looking for Dutch speaking jobs in Munich so I could make it happen. 

How did Careertrotter help you?

I found the vacancy named ‘Munich is calling you’ myself via my network. It took a few calls but eventually, I learned I needed Careertrotter. From that point on,  they greatly surpassed my experiences with other recruitment agencies I had encountered before them. They gave me advice on how to go into the interview, did a lot of background work in negotiating me into a good position, told me what kind of people my interviewers were before we met face to face etc. Also, they gave me some tips how to get things started in Germany. 

Careertrotter you get 5 out of 5 stars - Excellent, you did your job and you did it well! 

What do you think of Germany?

Everything I hoped for. Then again, I visited Munich about 8 times before moving here and making the decision to start living here. My good feeling was originated the first second I set foot on it, the first time I came. It didn’t go away rather just got stronger. And I really do fit in here.

Advice for Future Trotters? 

Chase your dream, don’t be afraid? It’s what I did anyway and so far it’s working really well for me- Don’t think on what might happen cause you have no way of knowing that. Just go for it.