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Karen's French Customer Service Adventure to Dublin

Temple Bar Pub - Major Expat hot spot - Live & Work in Dublin

Why Work Abroad?  

For me it's a great experience, I have worked in France, South Africa and now I have been given the opportunity to work in Dublin. I love to experience different culture's in the everyday environment, not just as a tourist, now that I live and work in Dublin I get to experience it on another level and I love that I can do that. 

How did Careertrotter help you? 

The guys at Careertrotter where a great help, especially in preparing me for the interview, they gave a bunch of interview prep questions, let me do my own research and then went through them with me.  I really enjoyed getting to know the team, they knew exactly what I was looking for and helped me get it. They always made sure that I was comfortable and ready for the next step. 

Careertrotter you get 5 out of 5: I give Careertrotter a 5, your service is great, the people are all so lovely and friendly. Thank you for all you have helped me with. 

What do you think about Dublin? 

Dublin is great, I love the Irish people they are really helpful, friendly and positive. I can see myself being here for a while, Dublin has taken me in with open arms. 

Advice for Future Trotters: 

All I can think to say is that don't be afraid to try a different career path, something different from what you have done before, I did and I wouldn't change a thing... it's all a part of the Adventure.