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Kris is loving it in Munster in his new French Customer Service Job

Münster Germany - Live & work in Germany

Why Work Abroad?

One reason to work abroad was the lack of employment in France. Another is that being half Anglo-German, I was interested in discovering the country from which a part of me comes, all the more so since, in France, I was repeatedly told I have a German accent, which made me very interested in learning German.

How did Careertrotter help you?

I had been unemployed for nearly two years and the main French employment job board I used, had been unable to get my work despite my efforts so I had begun looking abroad.

Initially, I had put up my candidacy for a job as a translator in Poland. That job was already taken but the link between the French Job Board and the recruiter was at Careertrotter and this put me in touch with one of their agents.
After a talk over the phone, they informed me that the position in Poland was already taken but I was fit for some job offers in Germany. So began a week of phone calls and emails with the recruiter putting up my candidacy for the job offers and providing me with valuable advice as I did phone interviews and passed linguistic tests.

My recruiter also motivated me and brought me out of a state of professional lethargy I had sort of sunken into in my long unemployment and despair at finding a job. In only a bit over a week, I was on my way to Germany for face-to-face interviews and a few days later I was employed as a bilingual customer service agent in Münster.

Careertrotter you get 5 out of 5 stars:  If I had to rate Careertrotter on a five-star basis, I'd rate it 5 stars all the way.

What do you think about Germany?

Germany seems a pleasant country with a rich culture and Münster is a lovely city full of entertainment.

Any Advice for future candidates?

If I had to advise future candidates, I would tell them to listen to their Careertrotter recruiter and keep an open mind because they could be offered jobs they hadn't imagined being fit for. Also, to be wary when passing linguistic tests. They are fairly easy but it is equally easy to slip up on some questions which can be like traps if you try going too fast. Finally, I would tell them to never settle down in unemployment.
Keep sending emails, giving phone calls, and grabbing at job offers. If you relax too much in unemployment, it is all too easy to sink into a kind of professional lethargy which is one of the reasons I was unemployed for so long.