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Kristy in her new German Customer Service Job - Belfast


Why Work Abroad?

I've always liked the idea of living & working abroad - By chance I happened to come accross Careertrotter when I was in Dublin. I had a look at their website and spotted a few jobs that really interested me so I registered with them, uploaded my CV - I followed all the steps and soon after I got a call from Rike and she was really nice and explained everything to me. 

Personally I find that every young person should get the chance to work abroad, because there are many benefits to doing this. You feel more confident in yourself because of you new life experiences and you get to meet new and exciting people. It has always been a dream of mine to live & work abroad and thanks to Careertrotter I can now do that. 

How did Careertrotter help you?

It was Rike - A Careertrotter recruiter that helped me a good bit - She looked at my CV, helped prepare me for the interview and what was great was that she never left me in the dark, we were always in contact with each other whether it be by phone or email.

Rike found me a great company to work for and once I completed my research about them I even more excited to work for them. Along the way Rike gave me some tips and encouraged me not to be scared or nervous. If it wasn't for her help I wouldn't be in Belfast today.

Careertrotter you get 5 out of 5 stars - The service was great.

What do you think about Belfast?

Belfast is a great city - its very versitile. The people here are warm and friendly. It is a great example of a multicultural city and the night life is just amazing. Housing is reasonsable and there is always something to do here. There are many great places to visit like: Cave hill, Ulster Museum, the Botanic Garddens and much more. 

My advice to other Trotters before they go for work abroad: 

I would mainly recommend for future Trotters to be courageous, have a chat with the guys at Careertrotter - make time for the call, you won't regret it. They will help you in what you need to do.