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Marko's Happily Ever After - Germany

Marko proposed after receiving a Job Offer from Germany

Marko is his name and he has been looking for a Dutch speaking job for quite some time now. With great language skills under his belt (Dutch & English) and on the Hunt for a Dutch job in Germany

This is Marko’s story:             

I was living in the Netherlands and my girlfriend was in Bosnia, we wanted to live together so I went on the search for a Dutch job with a steady income that meant we could find a place to call home and live with each other.

I called Careertrotter and they were so nice, they listened to me and helped me out as much as they could. Soon after I heard back that there was a possible position in Germany and if I would be interested. After discussing the job, I felt it was a job I could definitely see myself doing and it meant I could hopefully get to live with the woman I love.

Careertrotter guided me through the entire process, i.e. CV checks, company and job information and then guided me through the interview process for the entire thing, and she really was amazing.

Then it became a waiting game, I needed to wait for the call with the all-important answer Did I get the Job?’  

It happened in the back of the cab, my girlfriend and I were heading out for the day and the minute Careertrotter told me I got the job in Germany I was so happy, I bought a ticket to go over right after the call. Then seeing that I would have a steady income and be happy in my new job, I went out to buy a very special present, I bought an engagement ring and now the lovely lady in my life is no longer my girlfriend, she is my fiancé, my future wife. 


 I am writing this because I really want the guys at Careertrotter to know how much they have helped not only me but Julie (Fiancé) and myself in getting on track for our future family and that I would not be in this position today without Careertrotter.

Working in Germany is amazing, the company I am now working for is in the middle of training all of us newbie’s, there are 10 of us and everyone here is really nice, I have already made new friends and we go for a drink or two after work just to chill.

There is a lady who works in the company and she is taking great care of all of us new guys, she is treating us so well she may as well be our mother. She has come along with us to help in setting up bank accounts, in registering at the BKK and helped in apartment hunting too. We are in the middle of training right now and our trainer is really good, he explains things in such an interesting way. You can tell everyone here is so nice and loves their job.

The company is really big it’s almost like what you would read about when people talk working for Google or Facebook, I really like it here and I cannot thank you enough for all of this, I know you will tell me ‘’It’s only my job’’ but for me you made so much more possible than you can possibly imagine. Thank you Careertrotter.

All the Best,

A very happy Marko