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Nicks New German job is keeping him busy here in Belfast

CarrickFergus Castle - Belfast - work in Northern Ireland

Why Work Abroad?

If you get a good multilingual job in another country why not leave? Getting the chance to work abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

How did Careertrotter Help you?

My recruiter helped me all the way. I just had to say where I wanted to go and then I got so many possibilities to apply for a suiting multilingual job in the chosen city, which was Belfast.

Careertrotter you get 5 out of 5:  My recruiter was brilliant. So many thanks to you and your team.

What do you think about Belfast 

Belfast is great. Never boring and people are more than friendly.

Advice for Future Trotters:

My advice is to find a company that has the option to help you a little with relocation, very few companies will pay for everything but any help at all is great, so keep an eye open for these companies. Further, look for someone that pays you more than minimum wages.