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Nicole is sell sell selling it here in the Netherlands!

Tulips FIeld Netherlands - Work Abroad

Why Work Abroad?

I am originally from Germany but the urge to go abroad was always there – I have spent a good chunk of my life working abroad and I love it, some places more than others. Nearly 10 years in Spain, a year in Miami to near 5 years in Ireland. I’m a doer – when something is in my mind, I just do it and I am so glad I did. All my experiences abroad have made me who I am today – they are experiences you take with you for life. In fact, I have been abroad so much that when I go back to Germany I don’t feel German, it’s weird. 

Now I am in Sassenheim in the Netherlands and I love it!

How did Careertrotter help you?

My recruiter was so lovely and really nice – after my application, she called me almost immediately to see what it was I was looking for.

When she told me about this German Sales job in the Netherlands, I wanted to go for it straight away. She helped me every step of the way, in preparing me for interviews and guided me through the process.

Each time I called (I call a lot) she was so lovely and always had an update for me. I haven’t had a lot of experience with recruiters but with Careertrotter it was amazing – they really set the bar.

Careertrotter you get 5 out of 5 – I got the job, what more can you ask for – great preparation and support from Careertrotter. Whenever I rang I might not have gotten through to my recruiter straight away so I got to talk to the team and they were lovely as well. Careertrotter I am very happy here thank you for your help.

What do you think of the Netherlands?

It’s really nice here I am really happy. Everything I could need is only minutes away, the people are lovely and the surroundings are beautiful. The Netherlands is a lovely place to live and to work.

Advice for Future Trotters?

I would really recommend being open-minded – anywhere you go – be open minded. Try to learn the language and the culture because I think this is the best way to adapt.

If you can do this, you really will enjoy the ride – doesn’t matter where you go – you get to bring these experiences with you for life.