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Niels is having a blast here in Frankfurt

Street Corner Frankfurt - Work Abroad

Why Work Abroad?

Sometimes you cannot plan everything by yourself. Sometimes a situation just takes you to a different country. In my case, it was the most powerful one, love. I have an international relationship and we were finished with the long distance relationship.

Besides, I dreamed as a little kid living in other countries, experience new cultures and meet interesting new people. The combination of these two points of view on life brought me to Germany.

How did Careertrotter help you?

Careertrotter was extremely fast. I sent an email and not even two hours later I already got a reaction back. The whole process was really helpful, from an introduction to preparing and that all with a motivational twist. I was really satisfied with his help. 

Careertrotter you get out 4.5 out of 5 stars 

What do you think of Germany? 

To be honest, I was a bit sceptical about Frankfurt. I only knew it as the, besides London, the main business city in Europe. But it is actually a really vibrant city, with lovely neighbourhoods. Of course, there are the skyscrapers and business people, but it is as well the city of Apfelwein, Grüne Soße (Applewine & Green Sauce) and a lot of bars and restaurants. And, not unimportant, it is the main hub for train, bus and aeroplanes, which makes travelling extremely easy!

Advice for Future Trotters?

Do not wait too long with the search for an apartment, Shared Apartment or room. It can be a challenge!