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Pedro Loving it up in Cork in his French + Italian Job

Living & Working in Cork, Ireland

Why Work Abroad? 

I am originally from Spain and after 6 months of looking for a multilingual job, I finally decided that it was time to look abroad again.

I have worked abroad before, but I always wanted to get back home, because my dream was to work and have a normal life in my hometown. Since 2010 job seeking had become a very sad story.
No-one replied to any of my applications for months and I wasn't even getting unemployment benefits. I was living at home with my mother and my self-esteem was decreasing rapidly. It was at this moment that I decided it was time to get my CV on some international job boards - that's when I found Careertrotter online and I can say that I am glad I did - I now have a great Customer Service Job in Cork where I can use my language skills each day. 

How did Careertrotter help you?

Celine found me just 2 hours after my application on one of the job boards she uses- she called me and we had a quick chat about my options and what I thought about working in Ireland.
I couldn't believe it, honestly. There are some proactive recruiters from abroad who are interested in my profile while nobody was considering me in my own country. I decided to give it a chance and soon realised that I had been contacted by a very professional agency. Celine helped me prepare she covered from A to Z with me and was with me throughout the entire process.

When the day came, I was not afraid, I was feeling ready for almost any questions the interviewer could throw at me and I always felt supported by ''My'' recruiter - who I now consider as a good friend. I could feel that she was betting on me, and that was the only thing I needed after my disappointing experience back home.

Careertrotter you get 5 out of 5: - I would rate Careertrotter a 6. There is really no scale that can measure the extra mile my recruiter went for me, I never knew it was possible to be guided instead of just being selected or discarded. Celine even followed up with me to make sure I settled in ok and that I was happy in my new job. I can only think of 1 word to describe Careertrotter: Excellence.

What do you think about Cork?

I'm in love with Cork. Of course, the weather will never be like Valencia, but as for work and living, this town is one of the best cities I have ever visited (and I have lived in Switzerland, Germany, England, Spain and visited 20 other countries). You can find all you need in terms of services and facilities. The people are quite gently and well educated: it's a multicultural environment and a very productive atmosphere where you have the chance to increase your own skills and motivations to keep growing both personally and professionally. 

Advice for future Trotters?

If you are not sure of what you want - Stay Home, but if you know what you want to be in life and you're feeling stuck at your current place if you're ready to fly for your life and your career - Ireland is still open for positive people who have something to give. 

However, you can come and gain some international experience that would surely open doors back home, later on, you'll become more competitive and more skills whenever you head back home. Careertrotter will take care of you and your interests. You are not alone in your journey - don't be shy - you'll never regret working abroad