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Dutch IT Support - Dublin's Fair City

IT Support Job - Work in Dublin - Multilingual Jobs

Meet our Dutch speaking job seeker, Remko. He was on the lookout for a new and exciting experience abroad, and we can say that Careertrotter delivered.

Why Work Abroad?
I was originally trying to get a job in the Netherlands but after getting rejected several times I was terribly disappointed and that’s when Careertrotter found me! Recruiters from Careertrotter kept in touch with me by knowing where I was applying, calling and emailing me frequently to keep updated on what I was doing, and considering what companies abroad I would work for and where I would like to live if going abroad for multilingual jobs. Careertrotter was able to help me get an IT support job here in Irland's capital.

How did Careertrotter help you? 
The service from Careertrotter was helpful because they were the ones to find me and be able to set me up with this great Dutch IT job in Dublin! What made me want to go abroad was Careertrotter convincing me that Ireland was one of the best places for my IT career and that a multilingual job in Ireland is something for me!

I already lived in Ireland before I had this job and I also lived and worked in Italy, and had a job in the Netherlands where I am originally from. I started to work as a Dutch IT support in Dublin in September 2012. 
While living and working in Ireland I speak Dutch and English every day at work, and I also speak French and Italian with my colleagues/friends when I get the chance.

What do you think of Dublin?
I am currently living in North Dublin. The things that made me return to and love about Ireland are the friendly Irish people, the beauty of Ireland, and it was an easy adjustment because I lived in Ireland before. I will always say that "The people are the best of Ireland!" 

My advice to other Trotters before they go to work abroad: 
Even if you have not lived in Ireland, do not be scared, if you come for work you will adapt very quickly, I promise! It was so easy to make friends here in Ireland because all of my colleagues became my friends. My colleagues are all from different parts of the world and moved to Ireland for work as I did and I call it "Fake Ireland" because majority people I know from Ireland aren't actually from Ireland but each one is still as friendly as the Irish people here. 

I would definitely recommend my multilingual friends and colleagues who are looking for a job abroad to use the free services of Careertrotter if they consider working abroad.  I love Ireland and I believe it is a great working experience if you move to Dublin; the only way I would move abroad again is that a company will offer me at least a million euros! 

If I was looking for another language job abroad I would use Careertrotter services again! It is a wonderful opportunity they helped me with - to be able to work In Ireland and to make great money.