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Swedish speaker looking for IT Support - Cork

Success Story - Robbin Loving his New Swedish Job in Cork

 "I LOVE my job!" - not everyone can say it. But for this lucky Swedish speaker, Careertrotter  found a Swedish job in Ireland which he really enjoys.

Why Work Abroad?
I was having trouble finding a job in my hometown of Nyköping which is in Sweden. I have always had an interest in IT, so when looking for a job I started looking for jobs in the IT field. Sweden did not have a lot to offer in the IT jobs sector at that time. I realized that if I want to find a job, I probably have to move to where the jobs are, so I started looking for IT jobs abroad.

Moreover, I liked the thought of living in a new country and I thought it was great that I was able to find a job easily in IT, compared to here in Sweden. There was a big pool of IT jobs in Europe for Sweedish speakers and for other language jobs and I was amazed at how many opportunities I had looking for a career abroad

My previous work experience consisted of only small jobs for a short time period because the jobs I had were temporary. I had an opportunity to work abroad, in Norway but again - only for a short time. I didn’t live there, I travelled to work and in the evening went back home to Sweden. 

Not many people can say this but I definitely can: “I LOVE my job!” It is great here in Cork and the people are super friendly. I really like my colleagues and enjoy working with them. At work, I use both English and Swedish.

How did Careertrotter help you? 
I was posting my CV on many job boards to find my new career in the IT field. Careertrotter was the first to get back to me! I was really impressed with how quickly Careertrotter got in contact with me. They informed me in detail what IT jobs I could get without any work experience in the IT field. 

Careertrotter was able to place me in a job abroad in two weeks! helping me through the whole interview process. Everything happened so quickly, it felt like I moved to Ireland in a flash! 

Therefore, I would recommend Careertrotter to any one of my multilingual friends who are willing to work abroad! Also, I would use Careertrotter again if I want to go to a different country or have a new experience abroad. 

What do you think of Ireland?
Working in Cork has been a lovely experience so far! The countryside in Ireland is so peaceful and you are able to see the local “wildlife” on your way to work. Just being able to see the nature and landscapes are amazing. I have to mention that the pastries are so tasty here and I cannot have enough of them. 

What they say about the Irish being so friendly? Well, that is so true because they are extremely nice and generous. It doesn’t feel that different from Sweden, yet there are so many new things to explore. 

My advice to other Trotters before they go to work abroad: 
Just make sure you have some savings before moving abroad, you will need it in the beginning!