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Sabrina is living it up in Sunny Malta 

Malta Docks - Live and work in Malta

Why Work Abroad?

Well after I finished my apprenticeship back home in Germany, I had realised that I wanted to improve my English and some part of me has always wanted to work abroad. I went for an internship in London in 2009. I went for a short 3 months but it turned into 2 years instead as I fell in love with a local. I headed back to Germany in April in 2011 but didn't stay long since I saw applied for a job on the Careertrotter website for German speaking jobs in Malta. 

How did Careertrotter help you? 

Careertrotter did a great job! I applied at 7 am and 2 hours later they called. 1 week later I had my first interview. It couldn't have been any better. In the same month, I had moved to Malta with my boyfriend: All we needed was 2 cases with clothes because accommodation in Malta comes fully furnished. 

Careertrotter you get 5 out of 5 stars

Why do you think about Malta?

Malta offers everything I have wanted, we are now surrounded by Sea, Sun and Sand. The official language is English, so I can definitely improve my English.  We planned on staying here for 2 years, but I think it will be longer. 

I am now working in Customer Service for an international company and I am very happy. I work with Dutch, Chinese and Spanish speakers and with this mix of different cultures, I really get a feel for the multicultural office. I love living in Malta, it's much less complicated. I learn new things, the weather is beautiful and people are much more relaxed in comparison to Germany. You adapt automatically. 

Malta is a very multicultural and international. You start to gain new insights and begin to realise that the German way is not always the best. 

Any Advice for future candidates? 

You shouldn't be afraid of changes, you should follow your heart and go abroad. Many people are afraid to leave everything behind. But don't think like that. You can see your family and friends still and it's a great excuse for them to come over for a new holiday.