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Julia's Brilliant Journey to Belfast & her new German Customer Service Job


Why Work Abroad?

                                  ''I became more open and more self confident''

After my training as a foreign language correspondent, I started looking for Jobs on all of the German-speaking Job Boards I could find.
However, ''In Germany, for me the future didn't look too bright because I couldn't find a job.'' It was because of that that I started looking for a German speaking job abroad, ''after I gained perspective I found some interesting jobs''. I found Careertrotter and they found me a German customer service job in Belfast. 

How did Careertrotter Help you?

Thanks to Careertrotter, I now have the chance to work abroad and work with people from around the globe, it's pretty exciting. In my job, you need a lot of patience and sensitivity and I like. My colleagues are really nice and friendly, even the team leader is very open. ''I really like working here in Belfast''. 

I was at ease and comfortable when it came to the interview because the guys in Careertrotter prepared me really well with some amazing tips and where there for me whenever I needed. It went so fast, I applied on the website and after just 1 day of the recruiters rang me. ''The whole process only took a week. Then I had my new job. Everything went perfectly''

Careertrotter you get 5 out of 5 stars: I love it here. 

What do you think about Belfast?

I really like the people most of all, when they go to get off the bus everyone always says thank you to the bus driver and I love that. Everyone is so friendly and open and the city is so diverse, beautiful and full of friendly people.

Any Advice for future Trotters?

I would strongly recommend that you try going to work abroad at least once. I did and now I have friends from various countries, speaking different languages with their own culture and traditions and that great. 

I haven't met one unfriendly face and I am more open-minded and confident thanks to this experience. I am not sure how long I will stay in Belfast all I can say is that I love it now and there is no end in sight!