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                                         5 Things to do Before You Go

1.) Know how soon you can start. Get a clear picture of your own timetable for yourself. If you still have a full semester until graduation or don’t plan to start for another 6 months, it’s best to wait. Most companies prefer to interview people who can start in 6 weeks or less

2.) Have enough savings. Be sure you’ll have enough cash to get by until you get your first paycheck. You’ll need money to pay rent, security deposit, and of course groceries. During the first week or so you can expect to spend more on food, as you probably won’t have time for cooking. 

3.) Tie up all your loose ends. Check and double-check that you have cancelled your phone provider, health insurance, lease, and any other contracts in due time. It’s much harder to get these things sorted when you’re no longer in the country.

4.) Arrange a place to stay. Find a hotel, hostel, even a friend’s couch or perhaps a holiday cottage/ apartment where you can stay for your first week or so while you look for your own place and get started with work. Many companies also offer relocation packages as part of your benefits- find out if your future employer is offering this. 

5.) Party hard with your friends. Spend that quality time with friends and family so they don’t forget you- it may be a while before you see each other again!

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