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Become the Interviewer

Well done you are nearing the end of the interview and this is where you will be asked if you have any questions.

This may seem like an easy part of the interview but the interviewer is actually assessing you on the types of questions you ask them.

Interview room - Careertrotter interview room - asking questions to the interviewer

You want your questions to come across as motivated, intelligent and professional so don’t ask about:

  • Lunchtimes & canteen facilities
  • Holidays

These type of questions will make it sound like you are in no way interested in the multilingual job itself but only its benefits, these are questions you can ask a fellow colleague when you have the job.

5 great questions you could ask:

  • How could I impress you during my probation period?
  • What is the work environment like?
  • What type of management style would you follow here in ___?
  • Is there room/opportunity for growth here?
  • Do you promote internally?

Trotter Tip:

If in fact, you have previously prepared some interview questions but the interviewer answered all of them during the interview and they ask

‘'Have you any questions for me?’​'

DO NOT JUST SAY NO, tell them that you had some questions prepared but they answered them throughout the interview itself.