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CV Tips - Help with Writing Up your CV

                               CV WRITING TIPS

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First impressions are crucial, especially when creating your CV.
You are basically marketing yourself as the best person for the role. That is why the content (words you choose) and the ability to catch the attention of the employer/recruiter is far more important than the physical look of the CV. 

Top Tips we can give you for a great CV are as follows:

  • Reel Them In: Reel the reader in with a brief introduction listing your key achievements. 
  • Describe Well: Don’t just list the job title. State the following: Who did you deal with? What did you do? Did you work alone or in a team? What were your main responsibilities?
  • Be Accurate: Make sure the dates are correct and include the month and year of the period of employment.
  • Recency: Start with your most recent multilingual job or education status and list backwards.
  • History: Account for any gaps in your employment history. Perhaps you were travelling, went back for further education etc. - Make sure you say it.

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Still struggling to write a great CV? Use EURES for more help with their standard CV template or ask us here, we're more than happy to help and we'll share some of our secret CV tips!

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