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Interview Preparation


Black board with wiring ''the job interview today'' a picture to help with interview preparation

So you’ve wow-ed them with your CV by using our CV Writing Tips?Congratulations! You’ve passed Round One. Now its time to start your interview preparation.

When you are called to interview remember that the best prepared candidate has the best chance of getting the job.

Fail to prepare. Prepare to fail.! 

  • Read the job spec carefully! The job description will tell you exactly what a hiring company is looking for and it will give you plenty of keywords and characteristics. Prepare examples related to the keywords and characteristics, work them into your interview preperation and use then for the interview! 
  • Research the company! Don’t just read the homepage of the company before the interview. Make sure you know some of their products and other bits of information (profits, news etc). Prepare like a pro because it shows that you are interested and know your stuff. Look at who their clients are, how employees are treated within the company etc. Interview preparation can help you come up with some good questions to ask the company, which is always good. Asking Questions show's the company that you are interested.
  • Research who is interviewing you! For senior roles, one of the better ways to impress the person that is interviewing you is to show you know who they are and what they have done. Preparing a quick list of information on your interviewer, shows a touch of innovation and that you are interested and highly motivated for the job. So don't forget, many decision makers have an online profile, perhaps on the site iteself or indeed on linkedIn and it’s easy to view their career path! 
  • Most importantly...Know yourself! Make sure you have prepared examples ready, answers that are relevant to the industry you are trying to get into. As well as that, make sure you know your facts. If you have worked with targets in the past whether it was in sales, customer service etc, make sure you know them!