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Interview Questions

You’ve done your homework and you know all your facts and figures, Nicely done.
Now you need to be able to demonstrate that not only are you qualified and able for the job, but you’ve also got the soft skills (Personality) the employer is looking for.

Here at Careertrotter, part of our job is to get you interview ready. How we do that is in 3 simple steps. We run through the 3 types of questions the company will ask you in the interview:

1. Personal Interview Questions:

To get a feel for you as a person, what type of personality you have.

2. Motivational Interview Questions:

To find out why you want to work abroad and for them and why you want the language job they have on offer.

3. Competency Based Interview Questions:

To see how you have and would handle certain situations. These questions are basically there to test you to see whether or not you’re a good for the job. For these type of interview questions we have divided them into each job sector so you have some idea of what interview questions will pop up in:

In these pages we have created lists with potential interview questions companies might ask you during the interview process. If you want to secure that language job, check out these questions and ace that interview with us here at Careertrotter.

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