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                                            Marketing Interview Questions

No one gets the job without any preparation these days, especially those in the marketing industry, as some of their interview questions can be a bit tough.

As well as having previous marketing experience the interviewer is looking for a well-rounded person.

  • What is the difference between Online and Offline Marketing?
  • Talk to me about above and below the fold 
  • What is your previous marketing experience? What were your targets? 
  • What Blogs do you follow? 
  • What Social Media would you use for this business and why? 
  • What is the difference between web and social media marketing? 
  • What is Content Marketing
  • What would be your strategy to create ad copies? 
  • What do you know about SEO? 
  • What is the difference between the “On-Page” and “Off-Page” optimisation? 
  • How would you describe “White Hat” and “Black Hat” SEO? 
  • What were the last changes in Google Algorithms? 
  • What tools would you use to track your rankings? 
  • What is PR (as an SEO term)? 
  • What is a backlink and what would you need it for? 
  • What is PPC? 
  • Talk about your experience with Google advertising campaigns. 
  • How would you improve your quality index? 
  • What were your previous marketing targets? Did you reach them? If yes how? 
  • How are you with working on a marketing campaign under a budget?

Can you answer these interview questions comfortably, without long pauses and the odd ‘’ehh’’ and ‘’umm’’? 
If not, it’s not the end of the world, give us a call and we'll see what we can do.

Careertrotter recommends: As these questions can be a little tricky, we recommend taking a little more time, prepare yourself and plan out your answers so that you show all of your key strengths. Put those marketing skills to the test and work on marketing your very own skills for that great marketing job abroad. 


The majority of these questions are competency based so follow our GOLDEN RULE: You should always give an example, whether the interviewer asked for one or not. When in doubt give an example. The reason for this being, the employer wants to see how you have previously handled such a situation, so now is your time to shine, show them what you’ve got.