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Work in France

Working in France

Looking for jobs in France? I am sure we have the perfect language jobs for you in this beautiful country!

We have many language jobs for multilingual speakers, which could be exactly what you are searching for! In order to help you to settle down in lovely France, we want to give you some valuable insights of living in France!

Seine River in Paris - Boat in Sunset Paris France

A Home to Call your Own

It will take some time to find the perfect apartment, especially in Paris, but if you put a little effort in it you will definitly find a place you are happy to call your home soon.  

Trotter Note: The best places for your search for a permanent stay in France are:

Trotter Tip:

Make sure you have at least a little bit of knowledge in speaking French in order to communicate with your landlord. I am sure there are many people out there who are happy to support you! Furthermore it is better to be in France to organize everything, doing this from the outside of France is much more difficult! Come to France and see what is out there for you!

Money Money Money

Moving to a new country and working there goes in line with opening a new bank account. As a non-resident not every bank allows you to open a bank account, but the following banks could be a good choice for you, as they are the biggest ones in France:

What do you need in order to open a bank account succesfully?

This could vary depending on the bank where you would like to open an account, but usually you need a proof of address and proof of identity! Knowing all this helps you to become the master of your own bank account!


Moving to France can be very easy, especially when you are an EU-citizen. In this case you are lucky because you simply do not need a work permit. The taxes in France are fair and vary from 14% to 45% depending on your salary. You can decide if you want to pay your taxes once a month or once a year – the decision is yours!

How do I request my tax number? As easy as in most of the other EU countries, you make an appointment at the tax office and your tax number will be in your postbox soon. If you feel more like doing this online, France offers you the option to request your tax number online.

All in all

France is a well organized country and there is a reason why the city of love is located in France: There is just no other option than falling in love with everything France has to offer.

If working and living in France has always been your dream, click here for our language jobs in France and maybe you can start your job soon! 

Pssst don't forget we also have a German website - take a look & let us know what you think