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Work in Lisbon

Working Abroad in Lisbon

Thinking about working abroad in Lisbon? What is so attractive about Lisbon, particularly for the reason of working abroad, is that not only is its economy doing really well - with a busy seaport that is a technology and financial hub, expanding international trade, many multinational companies situated in the Grande Lisboa Subregion area – Lisbon is also famous for its laid-back lifestyle, with long work breaks (very common) and that does not count all the espresso breaks you can take advantage of!

It is the perfect balance of work and play, and in such a sunny climate you will always be able to fill your time off with whatever adventures you desire. If you’re convinced already then check out the jobs we have currently available in Lisbon and don’t forget to Register!


A Place You Can Call Home

While working abroad you have the choice of living in culturally historic buildings or in very modern architecture. But no matter where you are living in Lisbon you will happy to hear that Lisbon’s downtown is only 20 minutes from the beach! Paradise is at your fingertips here. But before you get completely swept away, check out these rent costs below:

Rent per Month (Avg.)

Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre                                    €609.57               

Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre                            €403.92               

Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre                                  €1,185.80           

Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre                          €723.75               

Cost of Living

While working abroad in Lisbon you will probably be spending some of the money you earn! Good news – there is very good value for money in Lisbon. You can eat very well for very little in Lisbon. Check out this mini shopping list:

Milk (regular)(1 litre)                                                     €0.60

Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g)                               €0.98

Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle)                                €1.73

Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro)                                     €4.80

Public Transport

While working abroad in Lisbon you have the option of travelling by bus, tram, metro or train. Lisbon’s public transport is a bit of a tourist attraction. Firstly, Lisbon’s metro stations are very colourful, with local art work everywhere you look. As for the trams, everyone should ride tram 12 or tram 28 (they are an experience to be enjoyed). Then there’s always the funicular systems you can try which are a national monument!

In the stations, you will spot kiosks where you can buy Viva Viagem Card that you can top up. It only costs €1.40 per trip on the metro or bus. It will cost you €1.80 on the train. 

Putting Your Feet Up

What will you get up to when you’re working abroad in Lisbon? With the Atlantic Ocean along the cost and the beautiful weather, surfing is a popular pastime in Lisbon. There has also been a lot of investment in golf courses throughout the country so if you think you’re the next Tiger Woods then this is a great place to practice and perhaps even rub shoulders with your new boss! You may want to visit the less developed beaches of the Eastern Algarve to truly relax. Or maybe adventure is what you crave? Then why not explore the many sea caves of Portugal’s coastline? Lisbon has much more to offer you than simply sunbathing while you’re working abroad, but you can always do that too!