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Work in Czech Republic

                                                 Work in the Czech Republic

Looking for a multilingual Job? How does the Czech Republic sound to you? A country that is thriving, especially since the increase in multinationals emigrating there to work for a living, the quality of life is high and the people are friendly.

You are guaranteed a great time in the Czech Republic as the Czech's are known to be the #1 consumer of beer in the world and have great outdoor activities so you'll be fit as a fiddle in no time.

If a multilingual job is what you are after and like the sound of working abroad, keep reading because Careertrotter could have the next language job for you here in the Czech Republic. 

Tax Rates:

In the Czech Republic, you will be required to pay tax on your income, for social security and for health insurance, this is all to ensure a good standard of living, so who could argue with that.

The rates you would be looking at are:

  • Income Tax (flat rate) - 15%
  • Social Security - 6.5%
  • Health Insurance - 4.5%

Banking Your Hard Earned Koruna:

Now you are going to be wondering how to set up your very own bank account, a place to save your well earned Koruna after working hard.

Setting up a bank account in the Czech Republic is quite simple really. You will need 2 forms of identification and a small deposit:

  • Passport
  • Another form of identification such as your driving license, birth cert, insurance card etc.
  • A deposit between 200 - 2000 Czk will be asked for, this is NOT a bank fee, just a sum of money to have in your account once it is opened.

Note: Some Czech banks may also ask for proof of address so just keep that in mind.

For you we have made a list of the most commonly used banks in the Czech Republic, here you can research which bank is better suited for you.

House Hunting:

So you've researched taxes and banking, what's left? Oh yes looking for a home. Well, we've done some of the hard work for you, we've checked out the average monthly price range of renting apartments in the Czech Republic to give u an idea of what you might be paying.

                                                                        Average Price Range per Month:

1 Bed Apartment (City Centre):                              7,000-18,000 CZK

1 Bed Apartment (Outside City Centre):              5,500 - 13,000 CZK

3 Bed Apartment (City Centre):                              11,000 - 30,000 CZK

3 Bed Apartment (Outside City Centre):              9,000 - 20,000 CZK

Like many places when renting you may need to put down a security deposit and your first months rent to secure your place. Of course, as a new arrival to this wonderful land we would recommend looking to rent a room in a shared flat, this is easier and more cost-effective until you find your feet.

Once you've sorted out where it is you want to live, these links should help you out. Happy hunting!

Seeing is Believing:

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