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Work in Brno - Skyview of Town in Brno, Czech Republic

Working Brno

                                                                   Work in Brno 

You're going to live and work in Brno... Let that sink in, how does that sound to you? 

If you like it, then why not find how you can make that a reality?

Careertrotter can help you get there, we have great multilingual jobs around the EU just waiting for you. Here on this page, we dedicate some time to tell you what you can expect when living in this wonderful city.

Public Transport Brno:

In the city of Brno, there are many things to do and places to see are within walking distance, but for those of us who like the comfort of 4 wheels under us and the wind and rain out of our hair there a reliable bus and tram service.

  • Trams:

The trams in Brno are rarely late and service nearly all of the stops but for those that it does miss there is always the bus.

  • Buses:

The buses are also reliable so you will never be late for work. You can get your tickets for them in these big yellow machines that can be found beside many stops, but don't worry if there is none as you can get them in your local newsagents too. 

How Your Weekly Shop is Going to Look:

Here we just wanted to give you an idea of what your weekly shopping list will look like, shopping in Brno. We realise the last 2 may be guilty pleasures, but hey we all have one.

Milk (1LITRE)                     16.96 Kč               Potatoes (1KG)       17.205Kč

Eggs (12)                             36.09                White Bread            20.92 

Cigarettes                          99.00                Beer                          14.36

Nalezeni Dimova (Finding Your Home):

  We have a cool, fun office here at Careertrotter so we know that having a space that makes you are comfortable is important. Here's a short list of the average price ranges to expect when renting in the city of Bruno and to make life that little bit easier we also have links below on where to look for your new home in Brno.

                                                                          Average Price Range per Month:

1 Bed Apartment (City Centre):                              10,000 - 14,500

1 Bed Apartment (Outside City Centre):              7,500 - 12,000

3 Bed Apartment (City Centre):                             15,000 - 25,000

3 Bed Apartment (Outside City Centre):             14,000 - 18,000

Places to look for your new home:


To live & work in Brno sounding like what you'd like to do?  Get in touch with us, and we'll see what we can do for you. Multilingual Jobs are our speciality, our recruiters have been there and done that so they know exactly what you are going through and they are more than happy to help. Talk soon!

For Multilingual Jobs in Brno do not hesitate to register & apply!