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Work in Germany

                                                               Work in Germany

If you are on the hunt for multilingual jobs in Germany, you've come to the right place. Careertrotter is here to supply you with all you need to know about life in Germany & what to expect when you move here.

In regards to finding a job and working in Germany, we can help you there too. Learn more about how we can help you here.

Working abroad is an exciting adventure, one that is open to all. So sit back relax and read about how finding work in Germany is easier with Careertrotter on your side.

Village in Germany to help promote Careertrotter language jobs in Germany

Getting to know Germany:

Get Active:

It's well known that Germans are active people, and why shouldn't they be? What with breathtaking mountains, forests, cliffs, vineyards and more.

With all this just outside your door, think of the great memories and adventures you can create with friends and family. There is always something to do to let off some steam after work or to fill your weekend.


You'll be happy to know that the weather in Germany is blue skies and sun in the summer but cloudy and colder times should be expected in the Winter.

Great News:

Obviously, the main language spoken in Germany is German. But you'll be happy to know many of the natives speak very good English and some are even bilingual and/or trilingual, making the work environment here even easier.

As well as that many people already know that Germany has a strong economy, which makes it one of the best places to work and find your next multilingual job.

Making the Move & Getting Started:

So once you have you've found your multilingual job and you've made the move to your new home, you will need to register with Einwohnermeldeamt (a department within each town hall, and in bigger cities, there is one in most districts of that town). The majority allows you to go online to arrange an appointment, which can save you a lot of time.

Many of the forms you will need are posted online so you can fill them out in advance.


When you register you will also need a few other documents:

  • Passport/another valid photo ID
  • Signed copy of your lease agreement
  • Birth Cert
  • Marriage Cert if married.

Trotter Note:

Remember that each time you move you need to re-register.

Taxes in Germany:

As well as that you also need to register with Finanzamt, a financial institution that is responsible for deducting taxes from your salary/wages which you can claim some of them back at the end of the year.

Think you could be due tax back? Click here for a Free taxback check!


While you work in Germany you will need to open a bank account, (Girokonto) so that you're salary/wages can be paid into it for all of your hard work abroad.

To open an account you will need to bring along some photo ID.

Most common branches used:  

A place to call your own:

Trotter Tip:

Finding a home (apartment, house, flat) can take time, so before you make the move to Germany it would help to have this sorted out or at least have an idea.

If not that's OK maybe you want to get to know the area first, so we advise you look for short-term accommodation so you can get a feel for the area. You could look for WG or Wohngemeinschaft (shared housing) while you are looking for a home of your own.

As well as the local classified ad's the best places to look are: 

Old church in Germany to help with promoting multilingual jobs Careertrotter has in Germany for job Seekers

 Keep in mind for flats/apartments, a security deposit can be up to 3 month's (kalmiete – excluding utility costs).With your first month's rent & flats in Germany are usually unfurnished so you will need to furnish it yourself.

It's Not All Work Work Work You Know:

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

So for everyone out there who wants it all... you've got it.

  • For the movie lovers: There's Berlinale, the annual film festival in Berlin in February.
  • If music is your thing there's:

- Rock-am-Ring

- Rock-am-Park

- SonneMondSterne

There are a lot of great festivals throughout Germany during the Summer, the above are just a small few but they make for a great weekend.

  • Mardi Gras: A pre-lenten celebration that end's on Ash Wednesday. It's known worldwide as an amazing carnival with great activities and celebrations.
  • Oktoberfest: The best part is it's a FREE event to attend, with beer served throughout the festival as well as fairground attractions and sideshows. It's an amazing place to be and celebrate various other cultures.

For more why not visit:

  • Yelp for tips on great restaurants, cafés, pubs and nightlife events.
  •  Groupon is the place to go for amazing deals you can avail of in the city you live in.

So what are you waiting for? Work in Germany today with Careertrotter's help & guidance