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Work in Berlin

                                                                   Work in Berlin

Looking to work in Germany? But unsure of where it is you want to live & work?
Not a problem - we're here to give you a taste of what life can be like here in Berlin. For you to get to know the cultural capital and see if Berlin is the next city for you to live and work in.

While Germany is known for rules and traditions, Berlin really does challenge this stereotype. Perhaps it's because Berlin was at the centre of so much change over the years. After all, Berlin was split down the middle by a wall.
While the infamous Berlin wall still exists to be visited, Germany’s capital has embraced the union between East and West through a celebration of diversity and inclusion which can be seen in Berlin’s food, art and nightlife. 

A Place You Can Call Home

At the start of your working abroad experience you will more than likely be renting. Helpful words to know: ''Mieten'' (means to rent), ''Untermieten'' (means to sub-let) and ''Wohngemeinschaff'' (WG) is referring to a flat to share. Whether you plan to rent in Berlin with friends or on your own, it is good to educate yourself about how much this will cost.

                                                                                         Average per month:

Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre                      €550 - €1000             

Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre             €400 - €700        

Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre                   €1000 - €2000

Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre           €750 - €1400           

Cost Of Living in Berlin

You can put a lot of trust in German shops after all Lidl and Aldi come from here!
German people are famous for their love of meat, bakeries and craft beers. Their Christmas markets and Oktoberfest, like all the best festivals, centre around food and drink. It is also not too expensive to eat out in Berlin and you have a lot of choices, with well over 4,000 restaurants in this trendy German capital! So whether you fancy a bite after work or want to all out on your weekends - Berlin has a lot to offer.

Milk (regular), (1 litre)                                      €0.79

Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g)                  €1.18

Eggs                                                                       €1.91

Imported Beer (0.33-liter bottle)                   €1.20

Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro)                        €6.00

Public Transport in Berlin

Germany’s people are famous for their punctuality and efficiency in all that they do, so as you would expect their public transport system is top class.
You have a choice of travelling by:

  • Bus,
  • U-Bahn (the underground),
  • S-Bahn (overground railway)
  •  tram networks.

Berlin really does give you every option you could possibly want! Never be late for work again


You need to buy yourself a ticket if you want to use these services. You can buy tickets in Berlin’s U-Bahn and S-Bahn stations (keep an eye out for the orange/yellow machines), on trams and at tram stations, and by some bus stops.
To make life easier for yourself, why not download their app FahrInfo Plus and while you’re busy getting to and from work you can simply carry your cards on your smartphone.

As for prices, it really depends on how far you are travelling. Before you begin work in Berlin, make sure to check where exactly in Berlin your new workplace is and where you are living.

Berlin is divided into three zones – A, B and C.

  • A is central Berlin
  •  B extends to the suburbs
  • C goes as far as Potsdam.

If you’re travelling between A and B then the price will be €2.70. You can also get a travel card for tourists- Berlin CityTourCard.

Guides/Maps of the bus routes, the tram, U-Bahn and S-Bahn can be picked up at information centres or at ticket offices.

Putting Your Feet Up

There is an endless amount to do and see in Berlin, and many of them are free. This will be handy when you are just starting work in Berlin and perhaps need to budget a little.

There are free walking tours to go on, beautiful parks to visit, amphitheatres and art galleries on the street. Parts of the Berlin wall still stand today, and one of the best places to visit is called The East Side gallery. It has basically been turned into an open-air gallery. You get a history and art lesson all in one! Berlin is famous for its underground art scene as well as trendy, off-beat clubs. If you like experiencing new things and stretching your comfort zone Berlin is the place to do it!

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