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Work in Cologne

Working in Cologne

How does living and working in beautiful Cologne sound to you? A city that is famous for its beautiful cathedral and celebrating carneval like crazy!

 On our page “working in Germany” we have already given you some valuable insights into how life is structured in Germany. On this page we want to tell you a little bit more about living in Cologne. Let’s get started!

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Skyline in Cologne - Germany - Check out Careertrotter's language jobs in Germany

Somewhere to hang your hat:

Living in Cologne is quite affordable, you can even rent your own apartment. Just like in every other city the renting prices for your room or apartment are dependent on the location. Before making the move to live and work in Cologne you will need to think about whether or not you want to live in the city center or not.

Renting your very own apartment in the city centre is the most expensive option, but if you are lucky you will find a great afordable deal!

Range per month                                                            Average price

Own studio-apartment (city centre)                            €500 - €600

Own studio-apartment (Outside city Centre)            €350 - €550

Room in shared apartment (city centre)                     €400 - €550

Room in shared apartment (outside city centre)      €250 – €400 

Cost of Living:

Germany is famous for its good grocery shops like Aldi, Lidl, Rewe etc. Don’t forget about the nice German bread you can find on every corner. To give you an idea of the prices in Cologne, we created a list with the most commen food you will need in your new town.

 Milk (1Litre)          €0.77                                    Eggs (12)          €1.85

Potatoes (1KG)     €1.10                                     White Bread   €1.06

Cigarettes             €5.50                                      Beer                 €1.12

Public Transport:

Living and working in the city centre is always an advantage, but living outside of the city centre definitly it not a disadvantage in Cologne. The public transport is just as it should be for a million city. You can use the tram, the underground, the bus or the train. The public transport is well connected, the only thing you have to take care of is that most of the time the train is delayed. But as there are many options to go from A to B, that should not bother you too much.

It’s not all work work work:

Having some time to yourself will be important for your new life in Cologne as well. In Cologne there is much to explore: You can see the stunning cathedral ‘Kölner Dom’ or go to the chocolate museum on a rainy day. Especially on the 11th of November the streets are crowded due to the opening of the legendary carneval seasonal.  On this date every person is dressed up and the bars and pubs are quite crowded. If you are searching for a more relaxed place just go then visit the famous Rhein terrace and drink a lovely Koelsch, the beer of Cologne.

If Cologne is the place to be for you, register today and apply for the language jobs we have in lovely Cologne. 

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