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Work in Frankfurt

                                                              Work in Frankfurt

Interesting Fact: Frankfurt is the 5th largest city in Germany, known as the largest financial centre in Europe and home to the European Central Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank and a number of other large commercial banks (well, slightly interesting fact).

Of course, we know that you don't decide on a new home solely based on the number of companies there. Which is why we think you will love walking down the Main River, which has various amazing museums on both sides for you to get a taste of what it is truly like to live & work in Frankfurt


Finding a home in Frankfurt:

Just like any other city - there is a number of different possibilities open to you when it comes to choosing a place to live. Whether you choose to live alone or share an apartment inside or perhaps outside the city - there is always something there for you to look into. 

                                                                                   Average Price per Month 

1 Bedroom Apartment (City Centre)                                   €700 - €1100

1 Bedroom Apartment  (Outside city Center)                   €500 - €900

3 Bedroom Apartment (City Center)                                     €1200 - €2400

3 Bedroom Apartment(Outside City Center)                   €900 - €1700

Cost of Living here in Frankfurt

Shopping in Germany can be a pleasure, especially in some of Germany's famous grocery stores like Aldi, Lidl, Rewe and many more. During work or possibly on your lunch break you might like to know that there are nearly bakeries on every corner. There is literally a treat on every street.  For you to get a general idea of what the more common of foods will cost you, here they are: 

Milk (1Litre)            €0.80                              Eggs (12)                        €2.20

Potatoes (1KG)       €1.38                              White Bread                €1.25

Cigarettes               €6.00                               Oranges                       €2.60

Public Transport:

You will be happy to hear that all routes lead to the main station in Frankfurt.

Almost every tram stops at the main station in Frankfurt and within a few minutes another tram arrives, so you will never need to worry about missing your ride or being late to work.  As we are all about life and work abroad - we know that some of you would probably be using the tram on a weekly basis. So if you want to get to work that little bit faster we would recommend looking into going for the monthly pass which costs around €85.00.

Putting your feet up after a hard days work:

Here in Frankfurt, there is plenty to do and to see. Whether you are more in the gym or perhaps you are an opera lover, you can have it all.  

Frankfurt Opera offers different events, from classical to entertainment. For those who love the night and to party there is plenty of bars and clubs to boogie down in. 

Frankfurt has a great zoo too, with more than 4,500 animals to see and the botanic garden is something you would not want to miss. Like we said earlier the River Main is packed with museums for you to wander around in and before we go, you should know that Frankfurt a number of events where they use fireworks to celebrate several times a year. 

If Frankfurt is the place for you and you want to know more, or see what multilingual jobs we have in Frankfurt - Register today - you'll be glad you did. 

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