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Working in Cork

How does getting the chance to live and work in Cork city sound to you? A county that the Queen herself has been seen shopping in.

Here at Careertrotter we have plenty of language jobs to go around, Cork is a thriving city just waiting to be explored, a city to live, work and create great memories in.

As you have seen in our working in Ireland page, we have given you the important bits to know before moving abroad, but here we are going to give you some idea of what it’s like to live and work in Cork. So without further adieu let’s get started.

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Somewhere to Hang Your Hat:

Thankfully working and living Cork, won’t cost you an arm and a leg as the renting prices are less steep then working in Dublin. Of course there will be a difference with renting in and outside the city centre. It is important to note that there is also an option to share accommodation either it be with friends or with strangers, it is cheaper and another option for you, for when you want to work abroad here in Cork.

                                                              Average Price Range per Month:

1 Bed Apartment (City Centre):                       €550-€850

1 Bed Apartment (Outside City Centre):       €450-€755

3 Bed Apartment (City Centre):                       €1000-€1400

3 Bed Apartment (Outside City Centre):       €850-€1050

Renting a room in a House/Apartment:

To rent a room in Cork city you would be looking at paying €400 - €500 on average per month which isn't bad and is much more affordable in comaprison to Dublin.

Check out for more information of renting rooms.

Cost of Living:

In the city you are spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping what with the English Market, Opera Lane, Merchants and much more and you can certainly get more bang for your buck. Just to give you an idea we have created a list of some of the essentials that you would be looking for once you started working in Cork.

Milk (1LITRE)            €1.35                     Potatoes (1KG)                   €1.67

Eggs (12)                    €3.06                     White Bread                        €1.28

Cigarettes                 €9.00                     Beer                                       €3/4.00

Public Transport:

Living and working in the city centre is handy as you can either cycle or walk to where you need, however public transport to and from outside of the city is a little tricky unless you drive, so this is important to keep in mind. The forms of public transport on offer to you in Cork are Irish rail and a number of national bus services.

  • Irish Rail
  • Bus Services
    • Bus Eireann
    • Aircoach
    • CityLink

It’s not all Work Work Work:

After a long hard working day, it’s nice to unwind so why not go explore the city, which is already home to a number of multi-linguals so you are guaranteed a rich and diverse culture to greet you while you have an amazing experience as Cork is well known for its vibrant nightlife.

Cork itself is in easy reach of many of the major cities, so you can always wonder about and explore more of Ireland and her beauty. It even has its own airport, so you are never too far from a trip home or having the folks over.

There is so much more on offer in Cork but we will be here all day if carry on, so register today and start your new language job here in Cork and you could be working abroad very soon.

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