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Hapenny Bridge Dublin City Center, Ireland

Working in Dublin

Working in Dublin

How does living and working in one of the best cities in Europe sound?

 What you may have heard in recent news about economic downturn was true but Dublin is back on the rise once again and it’s a city bursting with multilingual job opportunities, we should know we have plenty of them right here

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and all that you need to know about living and working in Dublin. 

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Renting & Sharing:

As Dublin is the capital city of Ireland, it’s bound to be expensive since it is a prime location to live and work. Accommodation in Dublin is more expensive than that of the living outside the city. That is why we recommend sharing with locals or friends that came with you. This way you can find your feet and grow your social circle, so when you have settled in 100% you can then go looking for your very own place.

               Best places to find accommodation is &

In recent months Dublin has become increasingly difficult to find accommodation or somewhere to live to due to a lack of supply - So click now for our hot tips to follow when moving to live and work in Dublin.

Trotter Tip:

We strongly recommend sorting out your multilingual job in Dublin first before deciding on a place to live as you could be facing a long commute to work. 

Check out for more information of renting rooms.

Cost of Living Dublin:

With many stores dotted around the city, you can live a comfortable life here in Dublin as you can shop around to get the best deal, and for you, we have compiled a list of the essentials and the average prices of them.

Milk (1LITRE)                     €1.00               Potatoes (1KG)        €1.49

Eggs (12)                             €2.77               White Bread            €1.27

Cigarettes                          €11.30              Beer                           €6/7


Public transport in Dublin is slowly getting better, you have:

  • DART
  • LUAS
  • Dublin Bus
  • Dublin Bikes

Many of which can be used with a Leap Card which is a hassle-free way to get around the city to work, to shop etc. There is no need to carry cash on you so it’s safer, you can top up online or in-store and by using it you are saving money as public transport is cheaper when you use it.

A Bit of Fun:

With living and working in Dublin there is always something to do, what with amazing high street shops such as Grafton Street and O Connell street, shopping centres such as the Ilac and Jervis centre, interesting museum such as the national museum of Ireland and the wax museum where you get to spend some time with your favourite celebs. Furthermore, you never too far from an escape to the country or even the seaside with escapes between 30-60 minutes’ drive outside of Dublin.

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