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Did you know that in Poland many Polish people like to go out and enjoy some Zapiekanka & have a laugh?
Zapiekanka is basically an opened face sandwich on a long bread roll – it looks great and it’s super easy to make. With mushrooms, cheese, meat and vegetables topped off with a red sauce – you can’t go wrong. When you order it in a restaurant the waiter actually brings the sauce to you in a pitcher and then pour it on top. Something you'd like to try? 

It's possible, just register today and check out our multilingual jobs in Poland and you can start working abroad wkrótce (soon).

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Krakow city in Poland - Shops in Poland

Work in Poland:

  • Your average working week would be 40 hours (8 hour days) where you work from 8am-4pm.
  • Th average gross pay per month is PLN 4,500 with the minimum being around PLN 1,699 gross (for full-time workers).
  • After you work in Poland for a year or more you are entitled to at least 20 days paid holidays which increases to 26 if you work more than 10 years.
  • Being on time is very important to the Polish it shows your reliable, and you want this for your job abroad.
  • Right Now those who speak Danish, Dutch, German, Finnish, French, Norwegian and Swedish are highly sought after, especially if you have IT and/or Customer Service Skills.

If finding work in Poland truly interests you then keep reading or get in contact with us now if you simply can't wait, let's have a chat and see what we can do.

Tax Rates:

The tax system in Poland's is progressive, the higher the income, the higher the rate of tax you will have to pay.

There are currently 2 different tax rates:

  • 18% - PLN3091 - PLN85,528
  • 32% - over PLN85,528

**Your employer is the one who deducts income tax and social security contributions and you have the chance to file an annual return at the end of the year.**

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So you now have your multilingual job in Poland and you will be looking for a bank to keep your hard earned money yes?

It's simple really, all you will need is a passport and proof of address in Poland (a PO Box number will work) to open your brand new bank account.

The most commonly used banks in Poland include: 

Home, Sweet Home:

When you first arrive in Poland, the easiest and most cost-effective thing to do is rent a room in a shared flat. Once you find your feet and get to know your surroundings you can start on the house hunt for your humble abode. 

For us, we believe that these 2 links will help you get there and find your new home. 

Something Interesting:

We promised something fun, didn't we? 

 A Name Day is a widely celebrated event in Poland that the Polish believe is very important, maybe even more so than a birthday. It is the celebration of a feast day of Catholic saints, where names are printed out on each day of the calendar and they are celebrated very like birthdays. 

So if you think about it you get 2 birthdays if you happen to live and work in Poland with a particular name, we think it's a nice touch.

Where Are the Multilingual Jobs?

The majority of our multilingual jobs abroad in Poland are in the beautiful Krakow. But we didn't talk about Krakow we hear you ask? 

Don't worry what you'd like to know is right here in our working in Krakow page.
Maybe you'd like to work abroad somewhere else? Why check our page on working abroad and see if another country tickles your fancy.

Don't forget to register with us and check out the multilingual jobs we have abroad and if you like what you see why not give us a call?