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Spain! a sunny paradise full of interesting people, amazing food and a rich rich culture. Imagine living here, imagine working here. It's possible, by getting in touch today with us here at Careertrotter we could help you get here or where ever you want to go, because we specialise in amazing language jobsregister today or get in contact with us now, we're happy to help.

Who know's you could be in this years 'La Tomatina', The Biggest Food Fight in the world. That takes place in the last week of August (Wednesday) every year in the town of Bunol.

What happens is over 150,000 tomatoes are thrown at your fellow Spaniards, this day has become so popular with those around the world that only 20,000 people are aloud to take part, so what are you waiting for, register with us an see if you can cross one great experience off that bucket list.

Looking at Tax:

In Spain the tax system has changed slightly, as of this year (2015) the general flat rate for a non resident is 24% & if you are a member of an EU country or of an EU Economic area the tax rate in 19%.

For residents the tax rate ranges between 20% - 47% depending on your income, and to become a Spanish citizen you will have to live and work in Spain for 10 years.

Banking Abroad:

So you're looking to open a bank account here is Spain, well the process is simple enough. All you need to do is pick a bank where you their conditions and then:

  • Bring in a ''Certificado de no residencia'' (Non Resident Certificate), which you can get by going to the local ''Dirección General de la Policía'' (Police Station) with your passport and a full photocopy of your passport. Then after around 10 days the form is ready for collection.
  • Once you have ou non resisdent certificate, all you need is you passport and you're ready.

** Sometimes when opening an account for the banks in Spain there are a small fee which will be from 15 to 25 euros.**

Banks in Spain includes the likes of:

Home in the Sun:

Looking for your very own Casa? (home), a place of your own to relax in after in a long day in work. Well we've got the a list of the most important things to take not of when deciding to live and work in Spain.

  • Deposits: To rent your own apartment you will need your first months rent and security deposit.
  • After your first year living in your casa, it is important to remember that you need to give 30 days notice in advance to your landlord before leaving.

We know it's a pain tying to find out the prices if homes and renting so we've done it for you, here is a quick list of the average monthly prices of apartments in Spain.

                                                                    Average Price Range per Month:

1 Bed Apartment (City Centre):                             €350-€650

1 Bed Apartment (Outside City Centre):             €280-€500

3 Bed Apartment (City Centre):                             €550-€1100

3 Bed Apartment (Outside City Centre):             €400-€800

As well as that we have some handy links for you in helping you find your very own ''hoger dulce hogar'' (Home sweet home):

Things to do Places to See:

Sea side - the beach in Spain - rocks - water - skyline - language jobs in Spain

It not all work work work, and we know that, even us trotters here in the office love to sit back and relax, explore the city or simply have a laugh.

So for you we have found some great activities like beaches, bars, resturants and many more to explore here at tripadvisor

Careertrotter: We help you find great language jobs at home and abroad. We have many great clients looking for langauge speakers just like you. Fancy working in Spain? Give us a call today, you'll be glad you did.

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