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Work in the Netherlands

                                                 Work in the Netherlands

Want to work in the country we thank for giving us beer? The Netherlands is the largest beer exporter in the world, exporting around 70% of the worlds bacon and producing around 75% of the worlds flower bulbs. 

Its a lot to be thankful for - why not thank them for something else? How about a new life abroad and career opportunities? 

Oost West Thuis Best (Home Sweet Home):

Amsterdam in the Netherlands - The channel running through the city - houses along the channel in the Netherlands

Looking for your humble abode, a place to call your own somewhere in this beautiful country? To make it easier for you we have a list of the average range of renting prices of apartments in the Netherlands.

                                                                      Average Price Range per Month:

1 Bed Apartment (City Centre):                              €600-€1400

1 Bed Apartment (Outside City Centre):              €415-€1000

3 Bed Apartment (City Centre):                              €1000-€2500

3 Bed Apartment (Outside City Centre):              €750-€1700

Having this knowledge under your belt should ease some worries so you can focus on starting your new life and new multilingual job here in the Netherlands.

To help in your house hunt here are links to help the search: 

Paying Tax:

For residents in the Netherlands, they must pay tax on income earned here and abroad. BUT for non-residents like you our multilingual trotters, you only need to pay tax on money you earn while you work in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands there are 4 tax brackets and depending on what you earn a year you will either pay:

  • 36.55%
  • 40,8%
  • 40,8%
  • 52%

Think you could be due to a tax refund? Click here for your Free Estimation!

Setting up a Bank Account:

Whats great about setting up a bank account in the Netherlands is you can either go into your local branch or if you prefer you can set it up within the comfort of your own home via the bank's website.

First, what do you need:

  • The most important piece of information you will need is you 'burgerservicenummer' (BSN) this is a personal service number that is given to all Dutch people upon birth, but for you our working abroad aficionados, you will need to register for your very own BSN, which is needed in order for you to work in the Netherlands, to open a bank account, make use of the health services and if you need to for benefit or an allowance.

To get this BSN number you can visit the Expatcenter (where fees may be charged).

  • Secondly, you will be asked to show your passport or an ID Card.
  • Lastly, you will need to provide proof of address i.e. a tenancy agreement

Just to make it that bit easier for you we have a list here of the most commonly used Banks in the Netherlands.  

For help in sorting out your finances & getting used to the tax system in the Netherlands - Click Here

Cost Of Living:

Now we know that moving abroad you will have 101 questions, but that's perfectly fine, we were the same so ask us and we will do our best to help. 

In order to help you that bit more we have the essentials (average prices) listed out for you below:

Milk (1LITRE)            € .95                     Potatoes (1KG)             €1.14

Eggs (12)                    €2.19                    White Bread                  €1.20

Cigarettes                 €6.70                    Beer  (Store)                  €.1.15

                   Windmills in the Netherlands - Dutch windmills

Helpful Links: